A project proposal

Digital Artist Residency

One approach in my work is to create large scale interactive experiences that cross from physical to digital and back again.  These allow audiences to engage locally and remotely with the finished experience.

This process isn't as inclusive in the development nor does it employ my usual rapid prototyping led approaches.


    Examining the history and symbolism of the city to inspire and create template ideas for the online digital art tool
    Creation of platform and sculptural piece through a series of prototype r+d development sessions.
    Working with audiences from peers, extended creative networks, general public and investors to create initial content and inspire others


Project Overview

#covTree is a sculptural treelike object embedded with displayed and illuminated digital content curated from an online digital platform
  • #covTree  / Coffas TREE ?

    Taking inspiration from the supposed historical 'roots' of the creation of the city - the tree will stand proud in the city with new roots and new meaning creating conversations for future generations
  • sent to #covtree

    An online digital art tool and platform for the creation and viewing of digital works.

    Just like other memorable city architecture the tree will update its content regularly to allow visitors to experience a new and changing piece that mimics the natural movement of the citys inhabitants, ancestors and visitors. 
  • Movement

    The roots will showcase the exposed cables that feed into the covTree and deep underground symbolising our international connections that go beyond the city

    The bark covered with flipdots reminiscent of bus and train timetable systems that fuel nostalgic histories of the cities transport network, infrastructure and central geographical positoion.
  • International relations

    Extending networks, partnerships and audiences - the online digital tool will allow all web users across the globe to participate and also view the created works in an online gallery. The digital tool will be easily accessible and contain a semi generative framework to ensure safety of images.

  • Empowering and enabling audiences to participate with the creation and consumption of digital arts works. Working to provide a platform for creative expression, something that stands as a playful interactive piece that is thoughtful and reflective
  • Marketing

    Sent to #covTree is just a great pun and modern take on a very negative phrase and saying known the world over. Can we take ownership back / advover the phrase and repurpose for a new meaning.

About The Artist

Ashley James Brown
e: me@ashleyjamesbrown.com
a: Cheylesmore, Coventry
w: ashleyjamesbrown.com